ZSH vi mode with emacs keybindings

This is my attempt at bringing emacs-style keybindings to vi mode in ZSH:

bindkey -M viins '^a'    beginning-of-line
bindkey -M viins '^e'    end-of-line
bindkey -M viins '^k'    kill-line
bindkey -M viins '^r'    history-incremental-pattern-search-backward
bindkey -M viins '^s'    history-incremental-pattern-search-forward
bindkey -M viins '^p'    up-line-or-history
bindkey -M viins '^n'    down-line-or-history
bindkey -M viins '^y'    yank
bindkey -M viins '^w'    backward-kill-word
bindkey -M viins '^u'    backward-kill-line
bindkey -M viins '^h'    backward-delete-char
bindkey -M viins '^?'    backward-delete-char
bindkey -M viins '^_'    undo
bindkey -M viins '^x^r'  redisplay
bindkey -M viins '\eOH'  beginning-of-line # Home
bindkey -M viins '\eOF'  end-of-line       # End
bindkey -M viins '\e[2~' overwrite-mode    # Insert
bindkey -M viins '\ef'   forward-word      # Alt-f
bindkey -M viins '\eb'   backward-word     # Alt-b
bindkey -M viins '\ed'   kill-word         # Alt-d                    

bindkey -M vicmd '^a'    beginning-of-line
bindkey -M vicmd '^e'    end-of-line
bindkey -M vicmd '^k'    kill-line
bindkey -M vicmd '^r'    history-incremental-pattern-search-backward
bindkey -M vicmd '^s'    history-incremental-pattern-search-forward
bindkey -M vicmd '^p'    up-line-or-history
bindkey -M vicmd '^n'    down-line-or-history
bindkey -M vicmd '^y'    yank
bindkey -M vicmd '^w'    backward-kill-word
bindkey -M vicmd '^u'    backward-kill-line
bindkey -M vicmd '/'     vi-history-search-forward
bindkey -M vicmd '?'     vi-history-search-backward
bindkey -M vicmd '^_'    undo
bindkey -M vicmd '\ef'   forward-word                      # Alt-f
bindkey -M vicmd '\eb'   backward-word                     # Alt-b
bindkey -M vicmd '\ed'   kill-word                         # Alt-d
bindkey -M vicmd '\e[5~' history-beginning-search-backward # PageUp
bindkey -M vicmd '\e[6~' history-beginning-search-forward  # PageDown

You know, so that your muscle memory can rest in peace. Also see the commit adding the above emacs style keybindings to my dotfiles.

3 Responses to “ZSH vi mode with emacs keybindings”

  1. This helped me, thanks. I originally chose zsh because of the bugginess in bash vi mode, but I gave zsh vi mode up because I wanted emacs style keys even more (history search, beginning and end of line) and was too lazy to come up with a comprehesive list. This allows the best of both worlds.

  2. @Jerry: No problem. What I’m currently struggling with is having the same workarounds work with Readline apps:

  3. deadlight says:

    thanks a lot!!!!!